Courtney Cormier

Artist Statement

A self taught artist from New Hampshire, Courtney Cormier didn’t start painting until the Spring of 2010, when she was about to graduate from the University of Tennessee with a degree in psychology and plans to continue her education to earn a master’s degree in occupational therapy. After she finished her first painting—which has since been stolen—she reevaluated her future.

As a 5-time world champion baton twirler, she was known in the sport for her innovative (and arguably crazy) routines and choreography. She competed at the highest level with a select group of elite athletes from across the country, in addition to earning the position of Feature Twirler for the University of Tennessee. While in school, she wrote for a creative student run publication called “The Weekly Hangover,” in which she often created artwork for print and wrote satirical articles. Making Art her future simply made more sense. Thus, she rejected the idea of continuing her education post-bachelors, and set out to self educate and absorb everything and anything "art."

By summer of 2011, Courtney found herself in Greensboro, NC, curating and coordinating a state-wide art project featuring 16 artists from across the country, producing a documentary, and working on projects with the internationally known street artist from Chicago, “CRO,” aka Ray Noland. Today, she works out of her studio in downtown Greensboro, NC, and her paintings are in collections across the southeast.